Monday, November 30, 2009

Police: We're going after those helping Clemmons (Story Credit: KOMONews)

Renton, Wash. -- The search for the suspect in the Lakewood police shooting led police to a home in Renton on Monday night.

A SWAT team surrounded the home in the 13000 block of Renton Avenue South around 6 p.m. Monday, and a police source confirmed the incident is connected to the Lakewood murders.

Investigators entered the house around 7:30 p.m. Maurice Clemmons was not found inside, but detectives said they were not surprised.

"We didn't expect him to be here," said Pierce County Det. Ed Troyer. "We are serving multiple locations to collect evidence against him and against those helping him evade us."

Troyer said investigators will be serving multiple search warrants throughout the night, multiple locations in multiple cities in an attempt to eliminate anyone aiding Clemmons, "from possible medical aid to giving him money, to hiding him out, to transporting him around."

"Our ultimate goal is to get him into custody, but a part of that plan going to be to make everybody's life miserable that's helping him. And if they want to go down one by one, that's fine with us," Troyer said. "And our goal by doing this is to take everybody out of the equation that's helping him. That way, he'll have nobody left, and have to fend for himself."

Troyer also said some of those who have helped Clemmons have tried to mislead police.

"We're aware of that now -- that they're not cooperating with us," he said. "That's why you're going to see multiple tactical operations."

No one has been arrested, Troyer said.

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